Discover the emerging Sant Antoni area

The Sant Antoni Market (Mercat de Sant Antoni), is a market located in the neighborhood of the same name, in the Eixample district of Barcelona, and one of the most popular markets of the city. It is the most ancient market in Barcelona, it was built between 1872 and 1882 and was designed by Antoni Rovira I Trias, a local urban planner who also made other markets and buildings in Barcelona.

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The Market 

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Sant Antoni Market is divided in three parts:

  • Mercat del fresc (food)
  • Mercat dels encants (other goods)
  • Mercat dominical (the one open on Sundays)

The Sant Antoni Market is a normal market during the workdays, where you can find anything you’re looking for: vegetables, fruits, meat and fish on the inside, and all kinds of clothes, shoes or home wares outside.
On Sundays, the market becomes an enchanting and vintage place in where you will find second-hand books, stamps, coins or postcards, among other collectible things that give this place an special charm.


It is currently being refurbished to show a better look, keeping its singular iron structure and the 1882 facades. Also, they have recently found an archaeological deposit with Roman remains which will be integrated as a part of a museum in the new market that will open doors in 2016. In the meantime, the city council has set a temporary market next to it.

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The Food

The Sant Antoni Market is not just a place where to buy things, but a perfect place to go with your family and friends to enjoy the best of catalan gastronomy. In its beginnings it had two restaurants, but it will have 9 when it will finished. This new area will offer Street Food, with common tables and chic take-away food shops, with soups, salads, organic infusions, fresh pasta, focaccias or Catalan specialties, like Cap I Pota or Xatonada.
Apart from the market itself, in the area around have appeared different bars and restaurants that combine the modern trendy style and the old fashion local style which makes a unique atmosphere. There you will be able to enjoy the best Spanish wines and vermouths, aperitifs, tapas and specialties, like for example sea urchins with a bit of lemon, that will bring you the real flavor of the Mediterranean Sea. The perfect deal for a Sunday morning, starting with some traditional shopping followed by a breakfast or vermouth.

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Useful Information

Since this market is in the middle of Barcelona, the best way to get there is by foot or by metro. The closest stop is Sant Antoni (L2), although you can also go to Urgell (L1) or Poble Sec (L3) and have a nice walk through its beautiful surroundings.
You will also find some other useful information below:
Address: C/ Comte d’Urgell 1; Ronda de Sant Antoni 18, 08011 Barcelona
How to get there: Metro L2; Bus: 13, 24, 37, 41, 55 and 64
Website: www.mercatdesantantoni.com
Contact info: 924 234 287 / mercatsantoni@mercatsbcn.cat
Opening hours: Mon-Thu 7-14h and 17:30-20:30h; Fri-Sat 7-20:30h

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